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Thu, 12 Jun 2014

When Saturday Comes app free at World Cup fan parks.

LONDON 12th June 2014

When Saturday Comes, “the half decent football magazine” is running a special promotion in Brazil over June and July this summer, offering spectators at various World Cup fan parks the opportunity to read newsstand app for free. Using the Exact Editions ByPlace™ technology, any iPad or iPhone user within various fan parks across Brazil will be able to read When Saturday Comes for free, including the special edition World Cup Team Guide, throughout the month of World Cup fever in Brazil.

The unique ByPlace™ technology of Exact Editions publishing platform helps When Saturday Comes to offer free access to millions of users across Brazil for the duration of the World Cup. As part of the fan experience, Fan Fests have been set up in each of the host cities across the nation, giving fans without tickets the chance to soak up the local atmosphere, and experience Brazilian football fever. Fan Fest attendants are now also able to read, or download, an issue of When Saturday Comes. So that England fans stuck at home don’t feel too left out of this opportunity, When Saturday Comes will also be available at the ‘Fever Pitch’ fan park in Manchester.

The When Saturday Comes Newsstand app includes an archive of back issues, while the Exact Editions platform offers users the opportunity to search for and share their favourite articles via social media. The unique linking and syncing of each issue allows the reader to explore the topics further while at the venue, or to download the edition of the magazine to read later. Once the user exits the ByPlace™ zone, and attempts to access a new issue, they will be asked whether they would like to subscribe to the title, turning users into potential subscribers.

The list of arenas where When Saturday Comes can be downloaded for free are -

Belo Horizonte - Venue Expominas

Brasilia - Venue Taguaparque

Curitiba - Pedreira Paulo Leminski

Manaus - Ponta Negra

Natal - Praia do Forte

Porto Alegre - Sunset Amphitheater

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana

Sao Paulo - Anhangabau Valley

Manchester, UK - Fever Pitch Venue

Richard Guy, Publisher of When Saturday Comes said about the World Cup promotion: “We are delighted to be able to offer football fans in Brazil, and at home, the opportunity to read When Saturday Comes before getting behind their team.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the promotion: “The use of ByPlace to offer When Saturday Comes in cities across Brazil for the World Cup, really highlights the varied use of ByPlace as well as how both readers and publishers will see the benefits out of these promotions.”

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