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Mon, 10 May 2010

The new Spectator iPad app brings weekly wit, wisdom, insight and clarity as British politics goes 'into the unknown'

London, 10 May 2010, The Spectator today announced that its weekly magazine will be available on the iPad as a 'freemium' app, bringing its weekly print wit, wisdom and insight to new iPad users.

The app was developed by Exact Editions, the London-based digital publishing company, who work with magazine, newspaper and book publishers to market and sell online and app versions of their titles.

Ben Greenish, Managing Director at The Spectator, says "The Spectator is known for its great writing on culture and current affairs and in the confused aftermath of the General Election, the new iPad app provides yet another medium from which our readers can access our honest and fresh opinion on the changing political landscape. And if they are bored with politics the iPad app includes all the humour, cartoons and columnists found every week in the full print edition, together with a 4 year archive!"

The app can be downloaded for free with some sample open access content and the opportunity to upgrade to the full version for a 30-day subscription at £2.39 through in-app purchasing. This gives subscribers full access to the latest issue of The Spectator and the previous four years of back issues.

Exact Editions are one of the leading forerunners of the 'freemium' model in magazine publishing, allowing users to get a feel for the app before paying for it. The app also features pageflow for browsing, full search and can be synced to an iPad, as well as to an iPhone and iPod Touch for offline reading.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director at Exact Editions says that "magazine publishers are viewing the 'freemium' model as a great new way to promote the quality and richness of their publications. The Spectator has been available through our online shop for some time and was launched as an iPhone app in September 2009. The newly-launched iPad is the perfect environment for users to sample, browse, search and read. We're pleased we can offer The Spectator as a practical resource accessible anytime, anywhere on the iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad."

About Exact Editions

Since 2005, Exact Editions has been delivering its technology platform, which replicates and aggregates exact copies of printed publications for web distribution and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps. The platform makes all text searchable, and information including email addresses, URLs, Tables of Contents and telephone numbers are rendered clickable to aid navigation.

About The Spectator

The Spectator is a weekly British magazine first published on 6 July 1828. Its principal subject areas are culture and current affairs, with extensive arts pages, books reviews, cartoons and columnists, once described as "the best written magazine in the English language".

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