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Tue, 26 Aug 2014

Stay informed with The New Statesman and Prospect, ByPlace for the Scottish independence referendum.

LONDON 26th August 2014

With the Scottish Independence referendum less than a month away, digital subscription specialists, Exact Editions, are helping to inform the debate. Key Exact Editions publishing partners are providing free, digital, location based access to a variety of high profile political and current affairs magazines, in up to 214 locations across Scotland. Utilising Exact Editions ByPlace™ technology; the iOS apps for magazines such as New Statesman and Prospect will be available in bars, cafes, and other venues across Scotland, as the nation decides on whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom, or to become an independent state.

Any venue, whether it be public space, cafe, hotel or social club, throughout the whole of Scotland, can apply for free digital access to magazines in their locale, via a simple form on the Exact Editions website. Access will then be enabled on a first come first serve basis, for the first 214 venues to apply.

Whether it be a hotel in St Andrews, a Glasgow pub, or a coffee shop in Holyrood, the proprietor or manager of each location will be able to get free venue wide access for their customers to the iOS apps for New Statesman and Prospect for one month during the referendum period. Any patron with an iPad, or iPhone will be able to inform themselves on the debate around the upcoming referendum, as to whether to continue with the 214 year old political union, with instant free access to this range of political publications, on Newsstand.

Any proprietor or manager of a public venue where clientele will be debating this momentous decision can apply for free access at their location, simply by filling out this short form on the Exact Editions website. -

The Prospect Newsstand app can be downloaded from the App Store, here -

The New Statesman ByPlace Newsstand app can be downloaded from the App Store, here -

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the Scottish referendum promotion: “The free access to political magazines across Scotland, will help contribute to an informed debate on the independence referendum. It’s a fantastic opportunity for publishers and venue owners to engage with their subscribers and customers on such a key issue. Exact Editions are excited to be helping to facilitate such an opportunity.”

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