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Wed, 19 Sep 2012

Sainsbury's Magazine has arrived on Apple's Newsstand!

LONDON 19th September 2012

Britain's most widely read monthly paid-for-title, Sainsbury's magazine, is now available for download. The digital edition of the branded magazine, produced by Seven, will be available on iPhone and iPad from today through Apple's Newsstand section of the App store, as well as compatible Android devices through the 'Exactly App' on Google Play.

The digital edition, the result of a collaboration between Exact Editions, the web services company, and award-winning content marketing agency Seven, is available as a freemium app, with a range of pages available free of charge, giving readers a taste of the much-loved magazine before a subscription is bought.

Subscribers to the digital edition will be able to access the current magazine as well as an archive of back issues from January 2011. The issues are all fully searchable, so there is no need to thumb through pages of the magazine looking for that elusive avocado recipe any more - plenty appear at a tap of the keyboard. The archive is displayed employing Exact's new 'stacking' technology which displays the back issues in 'stacks' of years that can be 'unfolded' into individual issues. That's not all - from November's issue onwards, subscribers will be able to access up to three exclusive videos in each issue.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions says' We are delighted to be working with Seven Publishing and Sainsbury's Magazine on their branded app.' The iPad's retina display means that the recip├ęs are even more mouth watering!'

Dave Castell, Digital Director at Seven says: 'It's fantastic to be able to shepherd Sainsbury's magazine into the digital age and go multichannel - meaning existing readers and customers can experience the magazine content on the platform of their choice, and a whole new generation of readers can have a unique digital experience through tablet or mobile. Along with the recent Sainsbury's Magazine blog launch and innovative video and commercial AR activity, this is part of a triumvirate of digital firsts for the magazine, blending Seven's world-class content creation with the most pioneering digital technologies at our disposal.'

Susan Kelly, Trade & Consumer Marketing Manager at Seven, says: 'It has been great teaming up with Exact Editions on the Sainsbury's Magazine App. We are very pleased with how smooth the whole process has been.'

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