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Mon, 11 Dec 2023

Pianist from Warners Group Publications Launches Digital Subscriptions for Members, Institutions and Music Lovers

London, 11th December 2023

Pianist from Warners Group Publications Launches Digital Subscriptions for Members, Institutions and Music Lovers

The world’s number one magazine for people who love to play the piano is now digitally available for individuals and institutions to subscribe to. The Pianist archive, created in partnership with digital publishing services platform Exact Editions, offers over 80 issues worth of fully searchable content dating back to 2010, and is accessible seamlessly across web, iOS and Android devices.

Launched in October 2001 and now into its third decade, Pianist is the leading magazine available to professionals and fans of the industry, offering a range of content for subscribers including: over 38 pages of inspiring scores, informative articles and learning tips, in-depth education articles, interviews with renowned players, competitions, news about piano makers, sheet music and album reviews.

The digital issue of Pianist allows for a unique interactive experience: featuring video content of pianists in concert around the globe and video tutorials by Pianist’s expert teachers who give in-depth masterclasses on topics discussed inside the magazine. On the Exact Editions platform, navigation is intuitive and the advanced search function allows keywords to be located across the full archive so specific content in the magazine, for example music scores, can be found at the click of a button.

As well as digital subscribers, Pianist members benefit from unlimited access to the full digital archive and receive the latest issues as soon as they are published. This added value is fulfilled through the Exact Editions’ universal service, which allows publishers to sell and manage their own digital access to the magazine.

Subscriptions to Pianist are available from the Exact Editions shops here:

Individual Shop

Institutional Shop

Editor of Pianist for 22 years, pianist Erica Worth said: “The new digital format of Pianist looks visually appealing and engaging. We’re excited for our content to reach the new and international audiences that use the Exact Editions platform, particularly institutions.”

Managing Director of Exact Editions, Daryl Rayner, said: “We are pleased that Pianist have joined our platform and that we are part of bringing this renowned magazine to new digital audiences. Memberships are becoming a popular model for publishers who want to strengthen their digital offering whilst creating a sense of community amongst their readers - Exact Editions’ technology is the perfect fit for publications, like Pianist, that want to achieve this."

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