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Mon, 22 Mar 2010

Osprey Publishing move into the Apple Store with Military History Books as 'freemium' Apps

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London, 22nd March, Osprey Publishing the military book publisher, today announced that five of its military history books are now available for the first time as 'freemium' apps via the Apple e-commerce store.

The apps were developed by Exact Editions, the London-based digital publishing company, who work with magazine, newspaper and book publishers to market and sell online and app versions of their titles.

Philippi, Iwo Jima, Warsaw, First Crusade and Fredericksburg apps can be downloaded for free with the opportunity to upgrade to the full version at £4.99 per book through 'in–app purchasing'. Exact Editions are excited to be one of the leading forerunners of the 'freemium' model in book publishing, allowing users to get a feel for the app before paying for it. The apps also feature pageflow for browsing, full search and can be synced to an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device for offline reading.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions, believes "book publishers are viewing this model as a fantastic new way to promote the quality and richness of fully illustrated books. By offering a significant sliver of the content, completely accessible through a 'freemium' app, the iPhone is being used to its full potential".

Rebecca Smart, Managing Director of Osprey Publishing views "the iPhone, with its brilliantly sharp colour screen and touch interface, as a great platform, encouraging our readers to take these Osprey books with them on to the battlefield. Or even more conveniently, to buy the books on impulse, when they are standing where the armies were deployed".

About Exact Editions

Exact Editions is a web-based distribution and marketing company working for the world's best publishers. Exact Editions has built a scaleable technology platform which replicates and aggregates exact copies of printed magazines and books for web distribution and reliable searching.

About Osprey Publishing

The Osprey Campaign series gives military historians richly illustrated and carefully diagrammed accounts of over 200 decisive battles and campaigns. Osprey Publishing has been providing books for enthusiasts since 1968 and since then it has grown, evolved and taken on new challenges until it stands today as one of the most successful examples of niche publishing around.

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