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Fri, 10 Oct 2014

New Statesman launch ByPlace™ promotion.

LONDON 10th October 2014

This week’s edition of The New Statesman is guest-edited by the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. To mark this special edition, the weekly politics magazine are offering free downloads of the magazine, in various art colleges and universities around the United Kingdom.

Using Exact Editions’ unique ByPlace™ technology, The New Statesman has created a number of hotspots where iPad and iPhone users will be able to download the Newsstand app, and read the magazine for free. Included in this promotion are the campuses of Glasgow School of Art, Norwich University of the Arts, and London School of Economics.

Published by Progressive Media International, The New Statesman, has partnered with artist and intellectual Grayson Perry. As part of his guest-editorship Perry discusses the tribe of ‘The Great White Male’ and it’s dominant place in society, as well as other issues relating to youth and masculinity. Highlights from this weeks edition include features by Rowan Williams, Steven Fry, Robert Webb and Alain de Botton, as well as a featured discussion between Martin Amis and Grayson Perry. The complete issue will be available with the ByPlace promotion.

The New Statesman ByPlace app includes access to the most recent issue as well as the searchable archive. While individual pages and articles can be shared via social media, with the in built share function on the app. The New Statesman has been able to give free promotional access to their content, to a large number of potential subscribers, through utilising the ByPlace technology.

This app is freely accessible in the following locations as part of this ByPlace promotion -

London School of Economics

Norwich University of the Arts

Glasgow School of Art

You can download the New Statesman ByPlace app from the App Store, here -

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the Scottish referendum promotion: “The free access to political magazines across Scotland, will help contribute to an informed debate on the independence referendum. It’s a fantastic opportunity for publishers and venue owners to engage with their subscribers and customers on such a key issue. Exact Editions are excited to be helping to facilitate such an opportunity.”

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