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Thu, 08 Aug 2013

Network subscriptions now feature app access

LONDON 8th August 2013

Digital publishing experts Exact Editions have developed an innovative new way of giving network subscription users app access. This feature allows publishers to sell IP authenticated app access to their magazines, meaning a user can access the title within a location.

Whether it be planes, trains or cafes. Costa, Coachella or Cathay Pacific. Businesses of all kinds can purchase a network subscription to a magazine, allowing anyone using their Wi-Fi connection to access the magazine’s app.

A passenger on a trip to Paris, for example, could launch a fashion publisher’s magazine app and freely read the latest issue, and any back issues, throughout their journey.

Exact Editions are the only providers of digital magazines that enable publishers to sell network access to their apps. This exciting innovation will help publishers to market their titles to events, businesses and institutions.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the new feature: " Exact Editions are excited to be able to include app access with network subscriptions. This development dramatically increases the potential for publishers to sell magazine subscriptions to businesses."

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