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Tue, 05 Nov 2013

Magazine apps can now be read ‘ByPlace™.

LONDON 5th November 2013

Digital magazine experts, Exact Editions, have introduced a revolutionary new technology for magazine apps. The latest ByPlace™ technology from Exact Editions means Newsstand apps are now accessible based on the location of the device user; for the first time Newsstand apps know where they are. Harnessing geo-location technology, publishers, venues or promoters can give full access to a magazine app, based on a location or venue, whether it be a stadium, conference hall, coffee shop, plane or train.

From full access to the Literary Review in the British Library to browsing international politics in Le Monde Diplomatique on an iPad in the Eurostar waiting room at Gare Du Nord, app access can now be fully utilised by publishers. ByPlace™ lets venues offer exciting new products for their customers, as well as giving publishers precise promotional opportunities. The ability to target, by location, promotional app access to a magazine, is a tool that publishers have never before been able to wield. Not only can publishers give ByPlace™ access which includes full unfettered access to the magazine app, but once downloaded the app will remain on the device with limited access, presenting the user with the opportunity to become a full subscriber once they have left the ByPlace™ venue. Whether it be the Emirates Stadium for The Gooner, or the Royal Opera House for Opera Magazine, with ByPlace™ any earthly location is transformed in to a potential promotional opportunity.

For a three week period a number of high profile magazines, will be available via their app, based on location targeted access for the first time. If you are sipping an espresso in the Vatican you can read The Tablet on your tablet, or why not try reading the 21 year Dazed & Confused archive during a break at the Victoria & Albert Museum. For the next three weeks, Exact Editions and their publishing partners will be running a series of ByPlace™ promotional trials.

The following magazine apps will be available at the venues noted from 5th - 26th November.

Download the app and read for free at the following locations -

Literary Review is available at the British Library -

Opera Magazine is available at the Royal Opera House and the The Metropolitan Opera, New York -

Catholic Herald is available at Westminster Cathedral and the Vatican -

Le Monde Diplomatique is available at St Pancras Station and Gare Du Nord -

The Tablet is available at the Westminster Cathedral and the Vatican -

Dazed & Confused is available at the Victoria & Albert Museum -

Grand Designs is available at Design Museum London -

The Gooner is available at the Emirates Stadium -

Music Week is available at Abbey Road -

When Saturday Comes is available at Stamford Bridge -

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the app launch: “As the first company to put a magazine on newsstand, at Exact Editions we are delighted to be pioneering another groundbreaking first in digital publishing, in enabling magazines to be read based on location."

Please see the following map for details on every ByPlace showcase location - ByPlace Map

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