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Mon, 19 Jul 2021

In Tune Monthly Launches Subscriptions To Modern Digital Archive

London, 19th July 2021

In Tune Monthly Launches Subscriptions To Modern Digital Archive

Educational music publication In Tune Monthly has launched subscriptions to a modern digital archive of issues on the Exact Editions platform. The brand new digital edition, which comprises 56 fully-searchable issues, will grow with each new issue published and is accessible across web, iOS and Android devices.

In Tune Monthly (‘The Young Musician’s Textbook’) is designed to supply curricular material for middle school, high school and college music students and those interested in the music world. Its concepts range in sophistication, in consideration of the wide range of student involvement with music throughout the age group. Each issue includes coverage of musical genres, instruments and equipment, theory and technique, music creation, technology and recording, rights, music media, higher music education and careers, and much more.

A plethora of streamlined features on the Exact Editions platform enable students to easily interact with the archive; the advanced search function allows for both simple keyword and more complex searches, contents pages are fully linked, and issues are organised neatly in stacks of years and decades to allow for easy navigation.

In Tune Monthly is available in the Exact Editions individuals and institutional shops here:



Founder Irwin Kornfeld commented: “As the magazine’s principal target market is educational institutions, we are thrilled to have partnered with Exact Editions who specialise in extending the reach of digital editions into the institutional market around the world.”

Managing Director of Exact Editions, Daryl Rayner, said: “In Tune Monthly is the perfect resource for music students - and having access to a fully-searchable archive of back issues enhances the publication’s usefulness as a learning resource.”

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