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Mon, 6 Mar 2017

Icon Books announce online subscription package for the Introducing Graphic Guide series.

LONDON 6th March 2017

Icon Books launch today a digital subscription package of its Introducing Graphic Guide series, available to purchase for institutions and individuals around the world.

Using a unique mix of witty and insightful graphic novel-style illustration and concise, authoritative text from experts in the field, the Graphic Guide series has been described as ‘a miracle of contemporary publishing’ by poet Don Patterson in the Guardian. In partnership with digital publishing experts Exact Editions, Icon has developed a digital collection of the series that will prove invaluable to those seeking a guide to humankind’s biggest thinkers and ideas.

First published by Icon 25 years ago – the books the company was founded to publish – topics range from Foucault to Feminism, via Stephen Hawking and quantum theory, making big ideas accessible for readers across a range of digital platforms.

The Introducing Graphic Guides collection uses the Exact Editions’ technology to offer subscribers seamless access to the whole collection, across web, iOS and Android platforms. Each page, of every book appears in digital as it would in print, so that the full illustrated edition looks just as good on an iPad or via the Exact Editions website as it does as a physical copy.

Schools, universities, businesses or any other organisation can now give their users instant access to the collection of Introducing Graphic Guides so that users can search across each book, or the whole collection, with the touch of a button. The digital access is unlimited, IP authenticated, and can be accessed remotely so that any number of users at a subscribing organisation can read, download, and search the comprehensive collection.

Browse the Introducing: Graphic Guides in Exact Editions’ institutional and individual shops here:

Institutional Shop

Individual Shop

Andrew Furlow, Sales & Marketing Director at Icon Books said:

“It's very fitting that, in the year in which we celebrate Icon's, and therefore the Graphic Guides’, 25th birthday we launch our first subscription package for the series. Millions of readers around the world have enjoyed the series in its physical and ebook form to date and it’s exciting that we’re now able to offer another way for these unique books to be enjoyed.”

Exact Editions' Managing Director, Daryl Rayner said:

“The graphic guide digital collection is a wonderful selection of books that will prove invaluable as a reference work for schools and universities."

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