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Wed, 08 Jun 2016

Exact Editions unveil new web reader.

LONDON 8th June 2016

Digital publishing experts, Exact Editions, have today announced the launch of a cutting edge new web reader for all content on the platform: magazines and books.

Every publication available via the Exact Editions website is displayed in the clarity and glory of the original layout, while featuring Exact Editions’ intelligent linking, advanced search technology, and efficient issue stacking for easy browsing of large archives, and the vast range of content that is available with Exact Editions.

Tens of thousands of magazine issues, and millions of pages are treated with a sparkling new display, ensuring that each edition, whether it be the April 1923 issue of Gramophone or a 2016 issue of Dazed, displays brilliantly on any device. Users can search across titles, decades and years, for simple and intuitive access to a wealth of knowledge.

Each user of Exact Editions, whether they are accessing as part of a print subscription, purchase via the web shop, or are an institutional subscriber, can now browse editions on the sleek new reader.

The new reader software has been launched in time with Exact Editions digital books service, so that readers can enjoy the full display of their favourite book, magazine or newspaper wherever they may be and on any device.

Try out the new reader here -

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the launch:

“The new reader software that the Exact Editions team have developed demonstrates our commitment to cutting edge technology, with consistent and responsive software that answers the needs of our users. Allowing the pages of each magazine and book to speak for themselves while enhancing the user experience with search, bookmarking and stacking technology, the new reader is a piece of software that will be greatly appreciated by all.”

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