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Thu, 01 Jul 2010

Exact Editions today announce the launch of their Complete Convergence platform for magazine and newspaper publishers.

They are the first digital technology company to offer publishers a seamless system permitting print subscribers online access whilst giving, in parallel, access on the iPad or iPhone via the publishers branded app.

This is all managed through the subscribers’ online account at Here the subscriber can log in to his/her digital subscription and also pick up their unique Shared Access Code for the iPad or iPhone. Shared Access Codes can be used on up to five Apple devices.

It is a complete system that knits together the triumvirate of print, online and iPad app.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said “Publishers were asking us for a complete package that combined print with digital and the app store via the iPad and iPhone. We have now delivered and it is exciting to see the positive response from subscribers to date - especially those with iPads!”

10 June 2010

Le Monde diplomatique moves from the left to centre stage with new app

London, 10 June 2010, Le Monde diplomatique stirs up a diplomatic storm in the Apple app store with French and English freemium apps

The apps were developed by Exact Editions, the London-based digital publishing company, which works with magazine, newspaper and book publishers to market and sell online and app versions of their titles.

Alain Gresh, director at Le Monde diplomatique says “This is a historic step for Le Monde diplomatique. LMD has enjoyed a huge success as a digital edition through Exact Editions. The iPad/iPhone edition will bring pages from the latest issue as soon as it is published to 100 million or so iTunes account holders.”

The apps can be downloaded for free with some sample open access content and the opportunity to upgrade to the full version for a 30-day subscription through in-app purchasing.

Exact Editions are one of the leading pioneers of the ‘freemium’ model in magazine publishing, allowing users to get a feel for an app before paying for it. In addition, the LMD app features pageflow for browsing, full search, double page view (iPad) and can be synced to an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for offline reading.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director at Exact Editions says that “the iPad is the perfect reading environment for the content-rich Le Monde diplomatique. The double page cartography spreads look particularly impressive. I am sure the app will encourage a new audience of on-the-move content consumers.”

About Exact Editions

Since 2005, Exact Editions has been providing online digital editions of titles to individuals and institutions from their office in London. Its Precisely platform delivers freemium branded apps for the likes of The Spectator, Standpoint and Publishers Weekly. The platform makes text from current and back issues searchable. Information including email addresses, URLs, Tables of Contents and telephone numbers are also all clickable and content can be synced in a wifi environment.

About Le Monde diplomatique

Le Monde diplomatique (English/French) is a monthly newspaper offering left-oriented analysis and opinion on politics, culture, and current affairs. Le Monde diplomatique was founded in 1954 by Hubert Beuve-Méry, founder and director of Le Monde.

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