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Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Exact Editions announces preservation partnership with Portico.

LONDON 17th March 2016

Digital archive experts, Exact Editions is partnering with Portico the digital preservation and electronic archiving system to preserve a number of complete archives that are available on the Exact Editions platform as Perpetual Access purchases.

The archives of the magazines that will be preserved with Portico are -

African Business (IC Publications) - First issue in 1982, still publishing -

New African (IC Publications) - First issue in 1977, still publishing -

New African Woman (IC Publications) - First issue in 2008, still publishing -

The Middle East Magazine (TME Media) - First issue in 1974, stopped publishing in 2014 -

Each of these magazines are available to purchase as a complete, continuously growing, archive with a one off fee, as well as being available on an annual subscription basis. Digital preservation is particularly important for research libraries when purchasing Perpetual Access rights; guaranteeing the long term availability of the resource and ensuring that the content will be available to future researchers.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions:

“Exact Editions has a unique and valuable expertise in building and maintaining magazine archives. They are costly to build and sustain and libraries that invest in them, rightly wish to know that they will be there for the long term. Exact Editions are committed to offering librarians the very best service as providers of digital editions and archives. ”

For more information on Exact Editions for institutions visit -

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