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Mon, 14 Aug 2017

Chemistry World launches complete digital archive with Exact Editions.

LONDON 7th August 2017

Chemistry World, published monthly by The Royal Society of Chemistry, has today announced the launch of its complete archive with digital platform Exact Editions.

First published in 2004, Chemistry World brings the latest chemistry news and research to its readers. Every issue, the magazine explores recent advances in chemistry, covering all aspects of the field, from discovery and new product applications, to international business news and government policy changes. It also publishes features and commentary from leading figures and thinkers in science, tackling controversies and emerging debates from across the global chemistry community. This comprehensive coverage of the world of chemistry is now accessible on the Exact Editions digital reader, with the additional functionality of the platform serving to enhance the magazine’s value as a learning resource for schools and higher education institutions.

Exact Editions’ digital platform ensures that every page of the complete archive is covered by the advanced search function. Users are able to search individual pages, issues, or the complete archive by keyword, which will be extremely useful for researchers hoping to quickly find information on a specific topic. Each issue appears in digital format exactly as it would have been printed originally, across web, iOS and Android platforms, which preserves important visual aids such as diagrams and graphs.

Subscriptions to Chemistry World are now available for universities, colleges, schools and businesses, this includes IP authenticated access to the complete archive. Access for users is unlimited so that they can read, download, and search the comprehensive collection of over 164 issues without restriction.

Chemistry World is now available in the Exact Editions institutional shop here:

Adam Brownsell, lead editor of Chemistry World, said:

“We decided to digitise our complete archive with Exact Editions because of the technical usability offered by the platform. One of Chemistry World’s ambitions is to get as many young, bright minds interested in the subject as we possibly can, and I think Exact Editions’ knowledge of the institutional market will assist us in achieving that goal.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said:

“Exact Editions is extremely happy with the final product of our work with Chemistry World. The academic relevance of the publication is clear for all to see, and it will prove to be very informative for its readers.”

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