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Wed, 04 Dec 2013

ByPlace™ revolution continues with iBeacons.

LONDON 4th December 2013

Digital publishing pioneers Exact Editions re-affirmed their position at the forefront of technological innovation in Newsstand apps today. In the latest of a series of firsts, Exact Editions have become the first and only company to utilise iBeacon technology in conjunction with Newsstand apps.

Announced as part of Apple’s iOS 7 release, iBeacon technology allows for iOS devices to receive signals based on their location. Whether this be used to offer location based access, or to market goods in a store, Exact Editions are leading the way in showing the massive potential for location targeted selling on an iOS device. As part of this, each Exact Editions Newsstand app can now be accessed based on proximity to a pre-programmed iBeacon, a small device the size of a coin.

What the iBeacon lacks in size, they more than make up for in effectiveness. Just one iBeacon can enable premium access to an app within a 15 meter radius. Using venue WiFi, or 3G/ 4G networks, an iOS user can gain instant full access to a magazine app usually only available to subscribers. Once the user exits the range of the beacon, they will revert to being a normal user and be invited to subscribe to the app, to read further.

This latest step in the ByPlace™ revolution brings together the promotional tools of Geo-location based access as previously announced, with revolutionary iBeacons technology. Allowing publishers to sell magazine access to specific locations and venues. From coffee shop to concert hall, Starbucks to stadiums, any venue is now a promotional tool, or a customer for a publisher.

This unique promotional and sales tool, allows the publisher of the magazine to sell subscriptions two-fold, once to a venue offering the magazine, and once to the end user once they leave the iBeacon zone. With ByPlace™, Exact Editions have revolutionised the way that magazines can promote and sell their digital products.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said: “ iBeacons have tremendous potential for publishers. They offer a discrete, low cost way for publishers to do something they’ve never before been able to, market their product digitally based on location. At Exact Editions we are delighted to once again be at the forefront of innovation with Newsstand apps.”

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