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Thu, 03 Apr 2014

ByPlace™ dashboard gives added capabilities for publishers..

LONDON 3rd April 2014

Digital publishing experts Exact Editions, have unveiled an exciting new feature for all publishing partners. Publishers who use the Exact Editions platform for their magazines, can now use the unique ByPlace geo-location system to promote these titles. With the drop of a pin on a map, a publisher can now grant free access to their apps, anywhere in the world. This pin creates a free zone for their app, meaning anyone with an iPad or iPhone, within a 100m radius of the pin drop can access the app for free.

Each publishing partner of Exact Editions receives a specialist publisher account, to aid in marketing and monitoring digital sales. The landmark ByPlace™ technology, has now been incorporated into this publisher interface. The integration of this free marketing tool, gives publishers an exciting new method to promote their title, by giving free digital access anywhere for the first time. Whether it be a wine magazine who wants to offer their magazine free at a tasting session, or a football magazine such as When Saturday Comes is keen to make itself freely available at Wembley Stadium for an England game, the marketing and promotion opportunities for publishers are endless.

This exciting new feature, is presented in an easy and accessible way for all publishers to use. A publisher can simply drop a pin on a global map, and instantly provide free access to their app, to any user within the vicinity of that pin. An iPad or iPhone user within this designated area, can freely access the newsstand app, however once they leave the selected location, they will be prompted to purchase a subscription. Publishers can easily promote their magazines anywhere in the world, without the usual distribution costs, giving publishers an exciting new way for to engage with potential subscribers.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the dashboard launch: “This new feature gives our publishing partners previously unheard of freedom in promoting their digital editions. At Exact Editions we thrive on helping our publishers promote and grow their titles, this new ByPlace dashboard will be an integral part of publishers promoting titles ByPlace™. And it’s free.”

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