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Thu, 05 Aug 2010

All 36,000 print subscribers to The Spectator to get access to digital edition and app

London, August 2010, The Spectator has announced that subscribers to the print edition will receive the weekly magazine as a digital edition and app, in conjunction with Exact Editions and Dovetail.

Exact Editions has teamed up with Dovetail, the subscription marketing and fulfilment house, which works with The Spectator, to make the digital edition available to all print subscribers included in the price of a print subscription.

Ben Greenish, Managing Director at The Spectator, says “We’ve responded to our readers’ desire to have access to The Spectator in all its glorious forms.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director at Exact Editions says that “access to the digital edition also means all print subscribers can view The Spectator on an iPad and other Apple iDevices. All they have to do is download The Spectator app from the iTunes app store, and enter their Shared Access Code, found in their web account.”

This comes shortly after the launch of Exact Editions’ Complete Convergence Platform in June, offering its publishing partners a fully convergent system, which unites print, digital and apps.

About Exact Editions

Since 2005, Exact Editions has been delivering its technology platform, which replicates and aggregates exact copies of printed publications for web distribution and iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps. The platform makes all text searchable, and information including email addresses, URLs, Tables of Contents and telephone numbers are rendered clickable to aid navigation.

About The Spectator

The Spectator is a weekly British magazine first published on 6 July 1828. Its principal subject areas are culture and current affairs, with extensive arts pages, books reviews, cartoons and columnists, once described as “the best written magazine in the English language”.

About Dovetail

When Dovetail launched it had the simple goal of becoming the finest subscriptions marketing & fulfillment bureau in the UK. This ambition is being realized by the company focus on “delivering to publishers by delighting their customers”. With the whole company pulling towards this end game Dovetail is fast-becoming the bureau of choice for publishers.

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