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Number 24 Spring 1996


The Journal of the British Museum Society

Cover: Head of Hercules, from the exhibition 'Vases and Volcanoes'. See pages 5- 8.

Turkmen t raditiona l d ress at Merv. See pages 30-p.

The British Museum Society supports the British Museum in collecting, conservation and services to the public. Acquisitions and projects made possible by the British Museum Society are highlighted by this sign .

3 A Plenitude of Exh ibitions

Robert Anderson, Director of the British Museum, explains the reasoning behind the Museum's hectic schedule of temporary exhibitions

5 Vases and Volcanoes: Sir Hamilton and his Collection

Patricia Morison introduces an exhibition to honour a remarkable 18th-century collector

9 Stairways to the Sky

Brian Durrans describes the magnificent rice terraces of the Philippines

12 The Doomed Prince and the Harris Collection

Morris Bierbrier describes the modern history of an exceptional group of papyri

14 Reading the Back of the Mandala

Oliver Moore reveals the significance of a medieval Chinese sculpture newly on display

16 Recent Acquisitions

The Bankes Papyri- The South Worcestershire Hoard- Latvian Baskets Marine Chronometer- Ralph Steadman Cartoons- Hadra Vase from Crete


British Museum Exhibitions Listing


Book Reviews Painted Books from Mexico by Gordon Brotherston Linocuts of the Machine Age: Claude Flight and the Grosvenor School by Stephen Coppel Constantinople, City of the World's Desire, 1453-1924 by Philip Manse! Islamic Tiles by Venetia Porter

2 6 News & Events

30 Digging on Iran 's Doorstep

St John Simpson describes excavations at Merv in Turkmenistan, once the home of the poet Omar Khayyam


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