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The Britis h Museum Friends The British Museum Great Russell Street London WC1 B 3DG +44 (o)2o 7323 86os

The Brit ish Museum Magazine Editor: Ann a Lethbridge, Mira Hudson +44 (o)2o 7323 86os Proof-reader: H elen Knox Advertising: Th ink Publishing Ltd The Pall Mall Deposit 124-128 Barlby Rd London W10 6BL +44 (0)20 8g62 3020 watchdog@thinkpublishing.

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© Unless otherwise stated, the Trustees ofthe British Museum

The British Museum Friends accept no responsibility for the content of advertisements in this magazine and have no view on the authenticity or lega l status of any antiquities that might be mentioned or illustrated therein. lt is the policy of the British Museum Friends to accept antiquities advertisements only where we receive assurance from the advertiser that the illustrated object is documented to have formed part of a collection prior to 1970.

Cover: Minerva. Roman, zn d century BC. Photograph by Dudley Hubbard.

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The British Museum Magazine is published by the British Museum Friends. The Friends undertake to support and assist the British Museum in the maintenance and expansion of its collections and in its services to scholars and the general public

03 Editorial

The new Chairman of the British Museum Friends

05 News

Stones of inspiration; Face to face; Islam ic Gal lery revived; Treasures abroad


Architect Eric Parry assesses the new Enlightenment Gallery and puts the setting, the newly restored King's Library, into context


Five museum directors give their views on the universal museum and its relevance today


Robert Smirke's innovations are brought into the 21st century. Satvinder Jandu looks at the difficulties


Anthony Sattin recounts the adventures ofjoseph Banks and the African Association


Jane Portal looks at modern art practice in Northern Korea


James McNeill Whistler and Albert Moo re were ins pired by Greek and Japanese Art. Don a t o Esposito looks at possi ble sources

42 Acquisitions

Fred Williams , NACF and David Brown; Barber cup; Stratford plaque; Rogers collection; Queen ofthe Night

56 Friends ' News

59 Diary

British Museum Magazine Spring 2004

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