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When Griselda Kerr, newly returned from overseas, set out to rescue the ‘dismal-looking’ plants in her Derbyshire garden, she looked for a general guide book to help her – and failed to find one. Instead she started to collect information wherever she could. After twenty years of gathering gardening knowledge and testing it out in that garden in Derbyshire, she has put together the book she wished she had access to then.

No coffee table book this, it is made for constant quick reference: look up the plant you want to know about in the index of plants and their care. There will be a coloured box with the relevant page numbers in any month where action is needed (action that, depending on climate, might be carried out a month either side). Turning to the month in question, you will find a brief description of what is to be done. You might be advised to prune, clip, deadhead or divide, cut right down, feed or mulch. Sound basic instructions are provided for all these gardening activities and more. From time to time you might need more detailed information from a more specialist book on, say, propagation. But here is where you begin!

UK £16.99, US $25.95, Can$32.95

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