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046 YOU SUCK! Plastic ain’t fantastic: avoid straw shaming by making metal or paper the new normal.

062 HAIR GAME Bad hair days be gone. We predict DIY wigs, made entirely from recycled materials, will be the next big beauty trend.

108 EXTREME BEAUTY Future-facing East London nightlife collective Tremors take over in this editorial bridging URL and IRL beauty.


186 JULIANA HUXTABLE The nightlife visionary and art world provocateur is this issue’s guest art editor. She shares the work of three artists whose uncompromising vision matches her own.

192 SONDRA PERRY The acclaimed post-Internet artist talks us through her futurisitc installations and how she’s preparing for the apocalypse.

194 OLIVIA DE BERARDINIS In an intimate conversation with Juliana Huxtable, the pin-up art pioneer discusses her working relationship with the late Hugh Hefner and exploring female sexuality through paint.


202 TREVOR PAGLEN Speaking to Charlie Robin Jones, the artist discusses computer vision, the ethical implications of AI and his theory that the future is already here.

210 THE TRACES LEFT BEHIND Catherine Hyland’s photographic series documents a community of North Korean defectors keeping their culture alive in South London.


126 FACE TIME These days you’re never too far from a camera. Keep yourself primed for the flash with Dior Beauty.

136 TRUE OR FALSE? As a new generation grows up with FaceTune, Rankin captures the social media stars of tomorrow.

228 GLITTER BOMB Biodegradable sparkles to shine bright without a trace of eco-guilt. Disclaimer: doesn’t clog oceans but might clog pores.

238 AGE OF INNOCENCE Get the colouring pencils out! As our life expectancies increase, these models prove that playtime isn’t just for kids.

220 UNCANNY VALLEY Read Anna Wiener’s acclaimed memoir on the Silicon Valley start-up bubble alongside images of hackathons, early morning raves and company mixers from Laura Morton’s photo series Wild West Tech.

198 SADAF NAVA Interviewed by Nathan Ma, the visual artist and musician discusses the improvisational nature of her practice and inadvertently pushing boundaries.


244 BARGAIN BUCKET Who said charity shopping couldn’t be glam? We redefine “cheap and cheerful” with a VIP twist.

252 SPEAKER’S CORNER This issue’s speakers share their thoughts on the future of fashion, whether sexbots could cure the incel crisis, decolonising gender, and when Muslim women get to talk about sex.

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