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014 MARGARET QUALLEY Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’s breakout star is poised for silver screen domination. She talks privilege, acting post-Me Too and how younger generations are set to push forward the eco agenda.

042 ARLO PARKS The musician and poet gets real about why Gen Z is the “super sad generation” and the reasons why she’s not looking forward to the future.

082 CHARITY SHOP SUE Visit the streets of Bulwell to meet charity shop manager, YouTube sensation and bonafide hometown hero, Sue Tuke.


052 STYLIST’S OWN Guest fashion editor Neesha Tulsi Champaneria hits the markets of Goa in an ode to second-hand style.


024 CHRISTOPHER WYLIE The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and Mindf*ck author gives us the goss on getting kicked off Facebook, hooking up as a whistleblower and the future of fashion.

086 THE UNFLUENCERS The 2010s were kidnapped by influencers and #sponcon: we meet the alternative writers, artists and students set to create genuine change in the 2020s.

034 RAYE Known for her chart-topping collaborations, the South London singer-songwriter is getting ready to step out on her own and define a whole new breed of pop.

072 LAB GROWN We slept on science at school, but Chanel’s innovative formula for SS20 has us reaching for the white coat and goggles.

142 TIME TRAVEL Wish you could fast-forward to the good bit? Armani Exchange catapults us into the future with cutting edge design.

152 INFLUENCERS ABOUT TOWN Behind every content creator’s perfect feed is an unpaid photographer/creative director/best friend. We say RIP to the influencer mise-en-scène.

176 THROUGH THE LEAVES For anyone daydreaming about escaping the Big Smoke, Chanel SS20 accessories are a breath of fresh air.

232 LIFE HACKS Sick of “Instagram face”? Photographer Maxim Kelly celebrates unconventional beauty with his own take on YouTube makeup tutorials.

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