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Winter 19-20 Volume 55 Number 2


FEATURES 2. Editorial 4. Gillian Clarke, ‘The Highest Wind in the

World’ – on tree planting and creativity. 18. Paul Henry, ‘Music and Light’ – an interview. 37. Arjunan Manuelpillai, ‘How to Make a Poetry

Ashram’ – on poetry libraries. 39. David Greenslade, ‘Imagined/Invited’ –

a poem/collage collaboration. 54. Wendy Pratt, ‘The Hare and the Witch:

Transforming Grief into Poetry.’

REVIEWS 69. Kate Noakes on Zoë Brigley and

Jeremy Hooker 71. David Clarke on Fran Lock and

Emily Cotterill 74. Anna Lewis on Eleanor Rees and

David Clarke 77. Steve Whitaker on Ben Ray and Alan Perry

POEMS 3. Gillian Clarke 7. Osi Rhys Osmond 8. Stephen Knight 12. Vicky Morris 14. Jessica Mookherjee 16. Marvin Thompson 24. Liz Lefroy 26. Emily Blewitt 27. clare e. potter 30. Patrick Jones 31. Phil Jones 32. Arjunan Manuelpillai 34. Di Slaney 36. Matthew Jarvis 40. Rhea Seren Phillips 42. David Rees Davies 44. Joe Dunthorne 45. Matthew Caley 46. David Clarke 48. Emily Cotterill 49. Shauna Robertson 52. Christopher Meredith 53. Emma Simon 60. Wendy Pratt 62. Neetha Kunaratnam 63. Rhian Edwards 64. Linda Saunders 65. John Freeman

Editor Jonathan Edwards

1 P O E T R Y W A L E S

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