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Acknowledgements xi

New Poems

On Returning from a Trip to West Virginia The Father Brings his Daughter a Jar of White Lightning or Sicilian-American Tough Love 3 Cop Convo, Subtitles Only 4 The World’s First Photograph 5 American Rainstorm as Altarpiece 7 Uncanoonuc Whose Cirrus of Light 8 To a Sliver of Sicilian-American Sky 9 The Woman Among the Nerudas 10 What the Gulls Teach 11 Empath to the Punctured Kevlar Helmet 12 Ugly World to Empath 13 The Vanishment 14 For the Vanishing Twin 15 Portrait in the Gaudi Mirror 16 The Chorus of the Fathers Addresses the Shuqualak Hermit 17 The Shuqualak Hermit Replies 18 The Quince Tree is Finally Flowering 19 The Rain-Charm 20

from Fellini Beach (1994)

The Water-Garden

A Spinster on the London Underground

‘Do Poor Tom Some Charity’

Cassiobury Lock from Competing with the Piano Tuner (1998) Mirror Angled at Sky

Ways of Seeing with Heatstroke

Lines to an Unemployed Actor








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