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y 2 0 0 3 ^ ^ ^ o | a | ^ ^ ^ | #1 Cheonqju International trail Biennale 2005

Sept. 30th-Oct. 23rd, 2005 Cheongju City, Republic of Korea

T h em e _ Temptation

H id e a n d The 4th Cheongju International Craft Competition

Theme of the competition_ Hide and Reveal

Categories_ Metal. Ceramics. Wood and lacquer work. Textiles, Others (glass, paper, leather, bamboo, and stone craft, etc.)

Awards and prizes__

• Grand Prize - USS 20,000 • • Silver Prize • USS 2,500 • Bronze Prize • USS 1.000 •Special Citation • Trophy and citation • Honorable Mention ■Citation

Eligibility and Number of Works to be Submitted__

•Participation is not lim ited based on the participant’s nationality, age,

or sex (Independent and joint presentations are both possible). • One participant (or up to three participants for a jo int work) may submit up two works.

Size Limits for Submitted Works__ •Three Less than 100cm in width x 100cm in length x 150cm in height nensional : less than 200cm across x 200cm long *

Entry Form


"" ' .afe, • '.J-zXjfH re’-

• Download from the homepage for the Biennale (

^ "

•Obtain from Exhibition Planning Dept, of the Organizing Committee of theCheongju international Craft

(They can be mailed upon request).


Application Process


• 1st screening application : 09:00-18:00. july 1 (Fri.) July 10 (Sdfi.), 2005

• Participants are required to submit :

j jk

Three slides of the submitted work or 35mm mounting (one showing the front and the 6tWr two taken fra one color photo of the work(3*x5*), -v ^ an entry form, a description of the submitted wbrk (in the prescribed forra)/ ; a copy of the participant’s photo ID. and a photo of dw^jart apant '

• 2nd screening application : August 1 (Mon.) i8:0o August 2q (Sat.)* 2005

■ .

Only artists who have passed the first screening are eligible for subrMfcion^'workls) to the 2nd screening.

Presentation method : In person or by mail (Works"sent by mail n ju it arrive by {he_ closing day.)

Inquiry and Reception Address y. **• 0 • >0

Competition Dept., the- Organising Committee of the Jheongju-Ihtefnationai Craft Biennale 755 Sajik l-dpjlg. HetWgdeoLgu.'Cheongju City, Chungcheongbuk-dp: J6i;828,Republic'of.Korea . \ • ;> Tel : 82-43-.277-J603/ fax: 82-43-277-2610 ■ E-mail :-totnpptit-ioh@theoqgjubiennale.or.kt . T »

Host Cheongju City, Republic of Korea


Organizer, Organizing Committee of the Cheongju International Cr; Biennale

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