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“Whether it’s working in teams, or on group projects in the classroom, everyone has a story about a dysfunctional collaboration. In Collabor(h)ate, Dr. Deb Mashek shows us how to minimize the stumbling blocks that occur when people work together, but more than that, she provides step-by-step plans for getting the most out of collaborative work. This book will lead you to love collaboration and its many benefi ts.”

RONALD RIGGIO, Henry R. Kravis Professor of

Leadership and Organizational Psychology,

Claremont McKenna College

“If you’re looking for a clear, concise, and action-oriented read on how to improve your collaborations at work, then this book is for you. Deb Mashek grounds her book in practical guidance on how to facilitate better collaborative relationships—while being honest about what makes these relationships hard and unappealing—making this book a how-to-guide you will want to turn to time and time again.”

TESSA WEST, author of Jerks at Work

“Collabor(h)ate teaches what business schools don’t: How to build powerful collaborative relationships to unlock the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. This ultimate guide is a must-read for every executive ready to make collaboration a competitive advantage.”

NAOMI BAGDONAS, Lecturer, Stanford’s Graduate

School of Business, co-author of Humor, Seriously “Collaboration is an essential skill in the workplace and beyond. But it isn’t always easy. In Collabor(h)ate, social psychologist Deb Mashek demystifi es the complex relationships that sit at the heart of collaboration, providing research-informed strategies and tools for realizing the promise and potential of human connection.”

SCOTT BARRY KAUFMAN, author of Transcend and host of The Psychology Podcast

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