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Company History

Exact Editions is an integrated content management platform for magazine publishers. It was launched in 2005 by Adam Hodgkin, Daryl Rayner and Tim Bruce.

The company has always been based in London and now has offices in Hatton Garden, the historic centre of the city’s diamond and precious gems business. Our offices are, as it happens, a few doors down from the ‘site of the largest burglary in English legal history’. Exact Editions has always operated on the principle that magazines have valuable archives and that subscribers should, where possible, have full access to the riches that they contain. The Exact Editions platform is unusual in providing full access to all available issues to all subscribers. The platform is also unusual in being equally able to deliver subscriptions to individuals and efficiently to institutions, especially libraries, through IP-based networks.

Craftsmanship, preservation, display, design, appreciation and enjoyment are key themes in the digital work that we do. Hatton Garden is a good location in which to have those concerns, but we also think about security, interfaces, openness, search and the next big thing. London is a good space for that bigger picture.

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