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Print Subscribers

How To Register For Digital Access

How to Register your Print Subscription to Enable Digital Access

If you have a print subscription to a title featured in the drop down menu below, you can register for digital access to the magazine. You will get digital access through the Exact Editions website and the app on Apple/Android.

  1. Choose your title from the drop down menu.
  2. Go to the registration page.
  3. Enter your subscription number, subscription reference, account number or membership number.*
  4. Type in your email address and select a password. These will become your Exact Editions login details.
  5. Click "I am not a robot" and perform the task asked of you.
  6. Click on "Register".
  7. Once registered you will be able to log in here with your username and password.

* This usually appears on the carrier sheet that accompanies the print edition on your magazine or it should be have been quoted in an email sent from the print publishers. If you can't find the relevant subscription details to register, you will need to contact the publisher of your magazine directly.

If you receive an error message saying that "Your print subscription details were not recognised" you will check your details with the relevant publisher. The registration page with provide you with the correct email address for your magazine.

"No Titles Available"

If you log in and see the error code "No titles available" but you still hold an active print subscription to a magazine, please go to the relevant registration page and re-register your subscription details.

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