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Institutional Subscriptions

What is available with an institutional subscription?

Institutional subscriptions provide subscribers with access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Fully-searchable access to the complete and growing archive of back issues.
  • Unlimited IP-authenticated access and remote access options available.
  • Cross-platform compatibility with all Web, iOS and Android devices.
  • Usage reports, MARC records, KBART data and excellent customer support.

Available titles

A list of the magazines available to institutions can be found here. Use the Research Area boxes on the right to browse magazines by subject.

How are new subscriptions set up?

To request pricing for a subscription press the ‘Order Now’ button next to your magazine of interest on the institutional site, and fill in the form.

This form will be sent to The Exact Editions institutional team will reply with pricing information and answer any questions regarding the subscription.

How do users access subscriptions on-site?

Subscriptions are accessed on-site via IP authentication.

This means that users can simply follow this link, click “via institution,” and be taken straight to their institution’s subscriptions.

Similarly, mobile users on site can download the 'Exactly' app on an iOS or Android device from the relevant app store, and instantly access the titles.

What remote access options are available?

There are 3 remote access options available to institutions:

  • OpenAthens and Shibboleth (provided that your institution is a member of the supported UK Federation or OpenAthens)
  • EZproxy
  • Library Code (a unique 6 digit code)

Please email to find out more about these options.

How to access your administrator account

Administrators can access their account by logging in through the Exact Editions website.

Once logged in, click on "account" and choose "preferences" from the drop-down menu.

At the top of the page are several options to amend account details, update IP ranges, and view usage statistics.

How to access usage statistics

Usage statistics can be viewed by logging into the administrator account here with the username and password chosen by the library.

Once logged in, please click the institution name and then 'Account' from the top menu. You will see a link to the 'Usage Statistics' on this page.

The library preferences page will appear, with a link to usage statistics.

If you are unsure what the URL for your institutional login page is, select your title from the drop-down menu and you will be redirected to the page in question.

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